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The Support tells the tale of a plucky little writer, Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, who all has decided to write a written book about dark maids who raise white colored kids in her hometown. You earn university degree credits based on your work experience, seminars and trainings attended, military service, college units earned, and travel and leisure among many things.

Solnit wrote Guys Explain Things to Me” one morning hours at her dining room table, in the hours before her houseguest, feminist writer and scholar Marina Sitrin, woke up. Solnit offers said that by enough time she set the words down on the web page finally, the piece had long been restless for the racetrack ”-she recognized that the girls and women in her life desperately had a need to understand that when men explained things to them, belitted them or doubted them, it wasn’t as a result of their own top secret failings,” but a larger systematic problem.