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Few Words About Best Pet Carpet Cleaner

The Bonzer rate cleans carpeting by capturing and bringing all of the power your truckmount could create. Five spray jets are fully encapsulated beneath the manifold to make certain that no heat or steam escapes the cleanup zone. Front and back Teflon vacuum glides together with a comfy dual grip handle permit the Bonzer to be equally fast and simple to operate.

U.S. Products takes wand design to another level with all the Evolution. This rotationally molded carpet wand is light, durable, and outperforms conventional stainless steel wands. Through technological testing, the Evolution was made to smooth airflow and enhance water restoration functionality. U.S. Products analyzed the Evolution against a number of other carpet wands that can be found on the check here marketplace and found it abandoned 1/2 of their remaining moisture per square yard as the top performing carpet wand at the evaluation group. A rotationally molded mind and aircraft aluminum tube create the Evolution almost half of the weight since most wands out there. Additional important attributes include a Delrin Acetal slide using a slide holder that’s rotationally molded into the mind for an airtight fit. Most aftermarket teflon slips utilized on conventional wands are made to match a huge array of wands and frequently don’t match well and have to get siliconed into the batter. The Delrin slide is especially fit to the slide holder around the Evolution providing it an airtight seal and which makes it readily replaceable.

By getting our extractors re-tested in Professional Testing Laboratory with the Evolution, our extractors which were previously Bronze accredited, transferred to GOLD accredited, which makes U.S. Products the very first and only manufacturer to accomplish this high certificate for portable carpet extractors from CRI’s Seal of Approval program. U.S. Products currently has 12 mobile extractors which are GOLD licensed for superior cleaning.

16" mind and six spray jets give optimum protection and cleaning capability to improve production. Lightweight design and constructed in glided lip design reduces operator fatigue Laminar airflow layout provides superior water restoration by streamlining airflow.

W15521 – 1-1/2" 1 Jet ($429.00) W15522 – 1-1/2" two Jet ($498.00) W15523 – 1-1/2" 3 Jet ($510.00) W20521 – two " 1 Jet ($452.00) W20522 – two " two Jet ($528.00) W20523 – two " 3 Jet ($537.00)

W15501 – (1-1/2") 1 jet ($424.00) W20501 (two ") 1 jet ($447.00)

W15502 (1-1/2") 2 jet ($494.00) W15503 (1-1/2") 3 jet ($500.00) W15504 (1-1/2") 4 jet ($520.00) W20502 (two ") 2 jet ($518.00) W20503 (two ") 3 jet ($527.00) W20504 (two ") 4 jet ($536.00)